From their secret headquarters (currently located somewhere in Melbourne's south), Twinkle&Jones wander the streets collecting unique artefacts and images for use in their work. Carrying at least 4 cameras, 2 sketchbooks and more pencils than most people could use in a lifetime, the pair leave no hidden gem unturned, usually dragging their findings back to their quaint studio for analysis. The rattlings of Twinkle's sewing machine can often be heard late into the night, whilst Jones is usually found out and about as early as 4am, beating the crowds to the best haunts.

Spit 'n' Polish

Spit and Polish is a set of stunning closeups of classic rides, mostly under 300cc. They were all snapped on our vintage Soviet Lomo in glorious 35mm using a technique shown to us by the very talented Andy Hall which involves holding the camera at hip level, and shooting without looking through the view finder. The results are often disappointing, but occassionally, a real corker is landed. Full set here.

Ultra Compact Laptop Backpack!

Minimal denim backpack designed to carry nothing more than a 15 inch laptop. Frustrated by what the market offered in terms of laptop cases, we've developed this one to make a quick trip to the café a little less bulky. It sits completely flat against ones back, and with its padded shell, protects the equipment perfectly.