From their secret headquarters (currently located somewhere in Melbourne's south), Twinkle&Jones wander the streets collecting unique artefacts and images for use in their work. Carrying at least 4 cameras, 2 sketchbooks and more pencils than most people could use in a lifetime, the pair leave no hidden gem unturned, usually dragging their findings back to their quaint studio for analysis. The rattlings of Twinkle's sewing machine can often be heard late into the night, whilst Jones is usually found out and about as early as 4am, beating the crowds to the best haunts.

Toaster desk tidy

When your toaster cooks it's very last slice of Sunblest, why not give it a new lease of life as a desk tidy. Ours had seen better days, and was beginning to cremate our toast on a daily basis, so we felt it was time for a new one. This one, our rather knackered Russell Hobbs 9206 classic 2 slicer received a coat of shiny, hard wearing orange enamel, and the inside was overhauled to hold up to 150 pencils. The theory is simple - when the pencils are sharpened, they drop lower into the slot, so a lift on the level ensures they can still be recovered for use.

Toast desk-tidy 2
Toast desk-tidy 1