From their secret headquarters (currently located somewhere in Melbourne's south), Twinkle&Jones wander the streets collecting unique artefacts and images for use in their work. Carrying at least 4 cameras, 2 sketchbooks and more pencils than most people could use in a lifetime, the pair leave no hidden gem unturned, usually dragging their findings back to their quaint studio for analysis. The rattlings of Twinkle's sewing machine can often be heard late into the night, whilst Jones is usually found out and about as early as 4am, beating the crowds to the best haunts.

Smuggling In The Old Days

We discovered a card game in the cupboard the other day, with the most amazing illustrations. Called Contraband, it's made by a company called Pepys, and seems to encourage the smuggling of everything from Perfume and Brady, to the Crown Jewels!