From their secret headquarters (currently located somewhere in Melbourne's south), Twinkle&Jones wander the streets collecting unique artefacts and images for use in their work. Carrying at least 4 cameras, 2 sketchbooks and more pencils than most people could use in a lifetime, the pair leave no hidden gem unturned, usually dragging their findings back to their quaint studio for analysis. The rattlings of Twinkle's sewing machine can often be heard late into the night, whilst Jones is usually found out and about as early as 4am, beating the crowds to the best haunts.

Urban Decay - Osaka

We always thought of Japan as being super clean, super modern and super high tech. But our recent trip to Osaka showed us a very different side from our perceptions - an unexpected side to Japan we totall loved. Mixed in among the bright neon and shiny plastic facades, lies a grubby world of rusting signs with lacklustre colours in desperate need of some fresh paint. Full set here.


Subway Life

We've just uploaded a new project to Flickr entitled 'Subway Life'. With his fascination of trains, platforms and stations, Jones is always lagging behind me, taking shots from bizarre angles. The amazing thing about the Osaka Subway is just how much cleaner it is than the London Underground. Some of the floors onboard the trains are so clean, you could almost eat your dinner off of them - if you were allowed to eat on the Subway, that is! Full set here.